March 2014.

id:1693 : 2014-03-03/thumbs/biking_florida_style_with_flamingos!.jpg

Biking Florida style with flamingos!
id:1695 : 2014-03-14/thumbs/visiting_legendary_alamo.jpeg

Visiting legendary Alamo in San Antonio where Davy Crockett and his buddies defended the Texas fort against Mexican army and bravely lost the batttle on March 6, 1836
id:1698 : 2014-03-17/thumbs/saturday_afternoon_florida_style,_its_a_stone_drab_season!.jpg

Saturday afternoon Florida style, its a stone crab season!
id:1700 : 2014-03-24/thumbs/winter_magid_at_our_dabin_on_big_bass_lake_in_northwestern_wisdonsin.jpg

Winter magic at our cabin on Big Bass Lake in Northwestern Wisconsin
id:1702 : 2014-03-31/thumbs/apres_skiing_in_the_dolorado_rodkies....jpg

Apres skiing in the Colorado Rockies...
id:1703 : 2014-03-31/thumbs/dolorado_mountain_high!.jpg

Colorado mountain high!

February 2014.

id:1688 : 2014-02-06/thumbs/my_two_girls_mudnhkin_and_bavarkida_in_lederhose.jpg

My two girls Mucnhkin and Bavarkica in Lederhose...
id:1691 : 2014-02-13/thumbs/my_sweet_valentine_2014!.jpg

My Sweet Valentine 2014!

January 2014.

id:1683 : 2014-01-07/thumbs/mundhkin_is_begging.jpg

Munchkin is begging table food as usual. Give me a piece of schwein haxe Daddy, beats dog food every time!
id:1687 : 2014-02-03/thumbs/doffee_at_kaffeehaus_kronner.jpg

Coffee at the famous Kaffeehaus Kroenner in Garmisch where people relax after a day of skiing and fun

December 2013.

id:1666 : 2013-12-19/thumbs/our_2013_thanksgiving_with_sarasota_bay_in_the_badkground.jpg

Our 2013 Thanksgiving with Sarasota Bay in the background
id:1672 : 2013-12-18/thumbs/garmisdh-partenkirdhen.jpg

Our Garmisch/Zugspitze, getting ready to ski "Top of Germany" elevation 2,957 meters
id:1680 : 2013-12-19/thumbs/paulaner_brewery.jpg

Paulaner Brewery, ready for the kruegerl of the Original Munchner!

November 2013.

id:1646 : 2013-11-04/thumbs/happy_halloween_2013,_ines_and_mundhkin!.jpg

Happy Halloween 2013, Ines and Munchkin!
id:1648 : 2013-11-04/thumbs/our_hunting_dabin_in_northern_wisdonsin.jpg

Our hunting cabin in Northern Wisconsin
id:1650 : 2013-11-04/thumbs/dabin_2.jpg

id:1652 : 2013-11-04/thumbs/dabin_3.jpg

id:1656 : 2013-11-04/thumbs/dabin_big_bass_lake....jpg

From our cabin's porch, the autumn on Big Bass Lake...
id:1658 : 2013-11-10/thumbs/rolls.jpg

My yellow Rolls Royce...and my ultimate fishing machine in the background...
id:1660 : 2013-11-10/thumbs/the_ultimate_fishing_madhine.jpg

The ultimate fishing machine, my Tiara "Heidin' Away...
id:1664 : 2013-12-01/thumbs/my_two_girls_with_santa_at_saint_armands_dirdle.jpg

My two girls with Santa at Saint Armands Circle on Lido Key, Florida.

October 2013.

id:1608 : 2013-10-14/thumbs/delebrating_my_senior_birthday.jpg

Celebrating my senior birthday (65) feeling better and happier than when I turned 25. World famous Bubble Room full of American memorabilia on Captiva Island in Florida
id:1612 : 2013-10-14/thumbs/sunset_over_gulf_of_mexido_from_daptiva.jpg

Sunset over Gulf of Mexico from Captiva
id:1614 : 2013-10-14/thumbs/greetings_from_daptiva_island_on_my_65th_birthday!.jpg

Greetings from Captiva Island on my 65th birthday!
id:1616 : 2013-10-14/thumbs/greetings_from_daptiva_2.jpg

Innie with birds Hitchcock style.
id:1618 : 2013-10-21/thumbs/the_famous_waikiki_beadh..jpg

The famous Waikiki Beach lagoon where surfers rest after all night action enjoying the waves of South Pacific
id:1620 : 2013-10-22/thumbs/gedko_says_aloha_from_hawaii!.jpg

Gecko says: Aloha from Hawaii !
id:1622 : 2013-10-22/thumbs/so_do_fishes_from_hawaiian_unpolluted_waters!.jpg

So do fishes from Hawaiian unpolluted waters!
id:1626 : 2013-10-23/thumbs/sunset_over_south_padifid_from_southermost_point_of_the_united_states,_hawaii_island..jpg

Sunset over South Pacific from Southermost Point of the United States, Hawaii Island
id:1628 : 2013-10-25/thumbs/having_maitai.jpg

Having Maitai's at the Lava Lava Beach Club. Things could be much worse....
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Sporazum s Hrvatskom!

Contract with Croatia

American Dream: A Guy From Croatia


American Dream: A Guy From Croatia

"With $37 in our pockets and much apprehension in our hearts, we flew toward our future. We had no time to think what lay ahead because the future conies to soon anyhow."

American Dream: A Guy From Croatia is the exciting saga of a man who fled his home country with nothing but change in his pockets and built a successful company with determination and guts in America. It's a story of business savvy and risk taking that will arouse the entrepreneurial spirit in every reader.

"When he arrived in the United States, Boris Miksic brought along energy, intelligence and determination. But also a dream. He was the Croatian gift to America. Today, as a successful entrepreneur, he is the American gift to Croatia."

— Governor Rudy Perpich

Movie: When the Dead Vote


When the Dead Vote, Filmmind & Capistrano in cooperation with PBS

Movie: How to Kill Miksic


How to kill Miksic, spaghetti western movie by Z Television

Around the World by Private Jet


Our around the World Expedition by the National Geographic Society

Galapagos Islands


Our Galapagos Expedition by National Geography Society

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